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Skin Sense Wellness Spa

Skin Sense Wellness Spa

in Los Angeles, CA
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SkinSense Wellness Center in Los Angeles is renowned for its customized facials, body therapy and massage services. Founded by Marion Simms, we combine the latest botanicals with scientific innovation for the best results. Each initial visit includes a detailed consultation that covers lifestyle and its effects on the skin and aging. We also keep detailed records of each spa visit and update your information and treatment protocols as needed.

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  • dennis.laura.ann@gmail.com
    Jun 04, 2018
    SkinSense is my dream spa. They had me complete a history that detailed my diet, water intake, exercise, products I use, any concerns I had, and the results I was looking for. They had also advised me to bring the products I use so that the facialist could evaluate the ingredients and my regimen. She looked over my materials to decide what facial best benefited my particular skin type and concerns. The entire entry process was impressive, considering most spas don’t seem to care about really creating lasting skincare change. I'll be coming back again and again.

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