13833 Ventura Blvd #105 Sherman Oaks CA 91423
Sb Beaute

Sb Beaute

in Sherman Oaks, CA
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Susan Badalyan is one of the leading Hair Extension Experts and Master Colorists in Los Angeles. Her advanced techniques and dedication to sourcing the finest human hair on the market have made her a pioneer in her field. Her acute precision and uncompromising work ethic have helped some of the world’s most beautiful women achieve the most natural, full length and enviable hair they could ever wish for.

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  • dennis.laura.ann@gmail.com
    Jun 05, 2018
    Running to an important meeting with no time to go home during rush hour, I called around for the best Wash & Blow dry prices in the area. I found Suzi at Sb Beaute. Walking into the salon, I was ASTOUNDED by how luxurious the environment felt, and how excellent the customer service was. I was greeted with an almond milk latte and chocolate-covered raisins. The blowdry looked phenomenal. My stylist wasn't much of a talker, but I was more than content with her service, the atmosphere, and the price. I'll be coming back to Suzi next time!

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