Top 5 Plastic Surgeons in Philadelphia

Top 5 Plastic Surgeons in Philadelphia

Top 5 Plastic Surgeons in Philadelphia

Are you looking for some work done in the plastic surgery field? Philadelphia is home to plenty of skilled plastic surgeons who can guarantee you amazing work. Different options for plastic surgery include face work like rhinoplasties, fat reduction liposuction, and even breast augmentation. No matter what form of plastic surgery you need, you can find it in Philly.


Philadelphia Plastic Surgery Prices

In Philadelphia, prices of plastic surgery depend on the kind of service you are requesting. Generally, plastic surgery can range from a few hundred dollars to multiple thousands of dollars. For this reason, you should check with your surgeon for exact prices. Also, find discounts on Find a Special for various deals available to you.

Penn Plastic Surgery

Price: Call for Pricing

Located in the University of Pennsylvania’s Medical Center, Penn Plastic Surgery can provide you with reconstructive plastic surgery. Qualified surgeons can perform a multitude of procedures on you depending on what you need. This location is meant purely for reconstructive plastic surgery, so if you have had an accident and need plastic surgery, Penn Plastic Surgery may be best for you.


“Five Star Review! Excellent service through Penn Plastic Surgery.” – Tasheen Ross (Google)

Louis P. Bucky, MD, FACS

Price: Call for Pricing

Ideal for both individuals looking for either facial or body plastic surgery, Surgeon Louis P. Bucky can help you out. He is a registered surgeon with the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has been practicing for almost 20 years! Doctor Bucky has received the honor of being named the “Top Doc” of plastic surgeons in the Philadelphia Magazine since 2001. Always be in great hands with Louis P. Bucky, MD.


“I am more than happy with the results I received with Dr. Bucky,  I would not use anyone else as he is the very best and most important you are safe .  His team is also the very best.” – Patricia Ott

Adrian Lo, M.D.

Price: Call for Pricing

Doctor Adrian Lo is a great option for receiving plastic surgery in Philadelphia. He performs plenty of surgical procedures including every aspect of the body. Some of his procedure options include tummy tucks, Botox injections, Labiaplasties, ear surgery, and even facial rejuvenation. Doctor Lo has been a practicing surgeon since 1991 and has plenty of outstanding honors and affiliations. You’re in great hands with Adrian Lo, M.D.


“There is no one like Dr Lo and his team. He is so caring and truly wants his patients to be happy with their results. I immediately felt comfortable with him and am so happy I chose him. Don’t bother shopping around for other surgeons- he’s one in a million!” – Laura Chamoun (Google)

Jefferson Plastic Surgery

Price: Call for Pricing

Jefferson Plastic Surgery has various board qualified physicians and surgeons to help you through your surgical process. Jefferson Plastic Surgery is the plastic surgery department of the Jefferson University Hospital and has been so for over 100 years. You can be sure to be handled properly and appropriately here at Jefferson Plastic Surgery, as the surgeons are highly qualified and able to perform a variety of surgeries. These range anywhere from the breast, to the body, and even skin and face. Jefferson Plastic Surgery is a great option for those who feel more comfortable being surrounded by multiple surgeons and physicians that are all appropriately qualified.


“Dr.Copit was the best part of my experience with breast cancer. Although I loved all of my doctors, throughout the year long experience, Dr. Copit is the one who gave me back something I wouldn’t otherwise have had.  I didn’t fully appreciate his skill with breast reconstruction until I went for my follow up visit with my oncologist.  His nurse practitioner asked to examine my breasts and she exclaimed, “Wow, you are really symmetrical!”  I expected to be symmetrical when I came out of the procedure, but apparently this isn’t always the norm.” – Ann Davis (Google)

The Pennsylvania Centre for Plastic Surgery

Price: Call for Pricing

The Pennsylvania Center for Plastic Surgery houses board certified surgeon Dr. Scott A. Brenman. Dr. Brenman has been practicing plastic surgery for many years and has received various honors and awards for his work. He is a member of plenty of medical sororities as well, showing his connection with his fellow surgeons. You can feel comfortable with Dr. Brenman performing surgery on you knowing he is one of the most experienced surgeon sin Philadelphia.


“I had a phenomenal experience here with Doctor Brenman. Very professional and experienced.” – Google User (Google)

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