Top 5 Nail Salons in Philadelphia

Top 5 Nail Salons in Philadelphia

Top 5 Nail Salons in Philadelphia

You deserve some top-notch pampering once in a while, and what better than visiting top nail salons in Philadelphia? Regardless of what kind of artistry you want completed on your nails, you can sit comfortably knowing your hands are in great care. Studies show that individuals who treat themselves to nail salon appointments at least a few times a year are generally more relaxed than others are. If you’re feeling stressed and need a break from your busy schedule, relax in one of the top 5 nail salons in Philadelphia.


Philadelphia Nail Salon Prices

In Philadelphia, nail salon prices vary significantly depending on what you want done. A basic nail polish coloring can cost you around $20 – $50, while more extensive options can be higher than this. Find a great deal in Philadelphia for your nails by visiting Find a Special.

Nail Spa Bar

Price: Call for Pricing

If you’re looking for one of the best nail salons in Philadelphia, Nail Spa Bar often tops the charts. Here, you are provided with excellent customer service surrounded by a sea of relaxation. Nail Spa Bar believes the best way to enjoy your appointment is by being is relaxed as possible. They boast their principles that if you have a healthy attitude, you are more likely to have a healthy mind. Focus on your health and get your nails done at Nail Spa Bar.


“Where to start.. they are always very friendly, their work they do on your nails last. The prices are more than a typical nail salon, but in my opinion worth it.” – Coomie Island (Google)

Coco Blue Spruce

Price: Call for Pricing

As one of the more unique nail salons in Philadelphia, Coco Blue Spruce is sure to give you a great experience and lower your stress level while receiving your service of choice. Their nail technicians are highly qualified and can promise you the best service possible every time you enter their doors. Coco Blue Spruce is a higher end nail salon location and will provide you with perfection. Get the nails you’ve always wanted at Coco Blue Spruce in Philadelphia.


“This is my all-time FAVORITE nail salon.I feel safe with them because they sanitize their nail instruments. Coco Blue is clean and organized. The nail technicians are patient, kind and dedicated. Their nail work always last at least a month on me.” Akilah Pierre (Google)

Philly’s Nail Spa

Price: Call for Pricing

A typical nail salon is just what you may need. At Philly’s Nail Spa, you can expect to be welcomed with open arms and giant smiles. This location is perfect for all ages and genders. Whether you come in for a manicure or a pedicure, this classic nail salon’s atmosphere and service is sure to provide you with unlimited comfort. Enjoy a relaxing day at Philly’s Nail Spa and pamper yourself. 


“Two friends and I had gel manis and pedis and we couldn’t be happier! Everyone helping us was very talented and pleasant. My friends did full color and french manis and pedis that looked great. I asked for a nude gel manicure with black triangles at the base of my nails. Laura did a perfect job and added a line of silver that makes it even better than I was imagining!!! We will definitely be back.” – Jessica Geiger (Google)

Lacquer Lounge

Price: $20 - $80

Lacquer Lounge is a higher end nail salon and spa in Philadelphia. The classy, modern, and minimalistic interior will make you feel neat, relaxed, and at home throughout all steps of your services. If you opt for a color choice, you’ll always have new ones to choose from. You can access plenty of deals for Lacquer Lounge at Find a Special, including package deals for multiple appointments. Lacquer Lounge is a great option for millennials and all ages who enjoy a more modernistic nail salon experience.


“This is such a lovely salon. Clean, professional and kind to the technicians. Andrea does the best job with my nails and I always look forward to our appointments. It *is* more expensive than the average nail salon, however the quality of service combined with the knowledge that the employees are being treated fairly and safety (no harmful chemicals or processes) is well worth it.” – Ariel Braverman (Google)

Mi Cumbia Organica

Price: $20 - $80

As a very aesthetic, rustic salon, Mi Cumbia Organica is sure to make you feel as relaxed as possible while receiving your requested services. The technicians and staff here will make you feel included, comfortable, and important. Here, they believe that self-care is the basis of health and they will give you all of the necessary tools to improve your health. Enjoy your nail treatment in Philadelphia at Mi Cumbia Organica.


“Wonderful atmosphere and friendly staff. my nails and waxing were great. cozy gem in the city ,a nice relaxing place to be pampered” – Foxy Fee (Google)

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