The Best Dermatologists in Minneapolis

The Best Dermatologists in Minneapolis

The Best Dermatologists in Minneapolis

Just like visiting our primary care doctors and getting an annual check-up, our skin needs the same level of attention. It endures makeup and other skincare products, the weather, the sun, and environmental toxins; trusted dermatologists can help reserve the signs of aging, diagnose and address problem spots, and help with other medical or cosmetic concerns.


Minneapolis Dermatologists Prices

Dermatology prices will always vary depending on the clinic, type of treatment, number of treatments needed, and the extent of the problem you are seeking to address. Most clinics list seek to be transparent and list all accepted insurance companies on their webpages; furthermore, some of them have online payment portals for the sake of ease and efficiency. Finally, some dermatology clinics even offer financing options to help ease any financial burden.

Market Street Dermatology

Price: Varies depending on treatment provided

Located in the Near North neighborhood, Market Street Dermatology is one of the top-rated dermatology clinics in the Twin City area. Run by two female doctors, the practice believes in compassionate care and physicians with integrity. They offer a variety of services, including medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology. Cost will vary depending on the type of treatment you are receiving, as well as how many treatments will be needed; while wart removal and acne consultations will be relatively inexpensive, larger procedures like microneedling and Botox injections may be more costly. However, this clinic does list accepted insurance companies on their website, and they have an easy-to-access online payment portal.


“Hands down the BEST dermatology clinic in the metro area (I’d even say in all of Minnesota)! I have been struggling for years with psoriasis and have tried every treatment in the book. After seeing dermatologists across the state with no luck, I found this place. Today, my skin is completely cleared, and I have never felt better. The doctors and staff are super personable and friendly, even taking the time to learn your name. They did not give up until we found what works specifically for me. I am so thankful for all they have done for me. Because of Market Street Dermatology, I am finally comfortable in my own skin (literally).” –Sydney N. (Yelp)

Twin Cities Dermatology Center

Price: Price varies depending on treatment

Located in the Wolfe Park neighborhood, the Twin Cities Dermatology Center lists their clinic’s values online: respect for all human beings; respect for privacy; evidence-based medicine; transparency in decision-making; and dignified delivery of care. This clinic offers medical dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, and dermatologic surgery; however, beyond these treatments, they also offer high-quality skincare products for purchase and beauty consultations. Can’t make it into the clinic? They also offer telemedicine—the opportunity for clients to videoconference in while speaking with a clinician!


“Dr. Margareth Pierre-Louise is the total package. She has helped me battle an issue with eczema-like fungus-Ike concerns that I had for years.  I had dealt with it for years, so I was used to it. When she was introduced to my dilemma, she stated that she was not going to rest until she found a solution. And she kept her word. Once I saw noticeable improvement, a true tear was formed. When she said she was ‘discharging’ me, my body went numb. Again, I never felt we would have a solution and even though she made me a believer, I just knew she would have to be a part of my budget for life. I have tried others in town. Dr. Margareth is the only one I would recommend.” –Heather G. (Yelp)

Minnesota Dermatology

Price: $75+ depending on treatment

Minnesota Dermatology is a top-tier dermatology clinic in the greater Minneapolis area! Owned and operated by a Mayo Clinic-educated dermatologist, Minnesota Dermatology offers medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology—everything from nail disease, hair loss, fillers, and chemical peels. Furthermore, this clinic is very transparent with their financial policy; they list all accepted insurance companies, and clearly explain the $75 charge prior to cosmetic appointments. Finally, they typically have a few promotions going on, so check their Facebook page for any special deals!


“I’ve seen Sam and Phillip Ecker in Excelsior and they are both great. They are extremely personable and helpful with all the questions I had. Phillip also sent me suggestions for sunscreen and scaring that I could get cheaper at Target. When I went in today for something unrelated to my previous appointment and saw Sam. First thing-he knew all about my wedding coming up, checked on my scaring from my previous appointment with Phillip, etc. although it was completely unrelated to why I was there.  Even if those notes were on my chart from my previous appointment, he made a point to address them. I didn’t feel like he was rushing to get in and out. He also made a call to their other office to check on a prescription for me to make sure that I could get it the lowest cost possible with my insurance.” –Lauren C. (Yelp)

Tareen Dermatology

Price: Price varies depending on treatment, but financing is available

Tareen Dermatology has three locations in the Twin City area—in the Roseville, Faribault, and Maplewood neighborhoods. This clinic focuses on state of art treatments with high-quality products; they offer medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. Tareen Dermatology offers flexible payment plans, with financing options, and frequently offer promotions, like upgraded services or bundled packages. You know you are in good hands with Dr. Tareen, as she is a well-regarded expert; she has even served Web MD as the national expert dermatologist! 


“This is the best dermatology office that I have ever been to! Dr. Tareen, the cosmetic director Rachel, and the whole staff are incredibly knowledgeable and kind. They take the time to explain everything to you so that you can make an informed decision. I highly recommend coming here for all of your medical and cosmetic dermatology needs!” –Erika S. (Yelp)

Uptown Dermatology & Skin Spa

Price: Price varies depending on treatment

This luxurious clinic offers medical and cosmetic dermatology in a serene and relaxing environment. You can visit this Uptown-based clinic for your ongoing treatments—like facials, brow sculpting, or facial waxing—or special treatments, like biologic therapy, phototherapy, or laser services. Along with their wide breadth of services, Uptown Dermatology & Skin Spa makes scheduling appointments easy—they have an online portal to make scheduling easy and efficient. They also offer a transparent list of accepted insurance companies to expedite payment processes.


“I can’t believe I have been coming here for so long and haven’t posted a review. I came in two years ago because my “perfect skin” betrayed me – I started to break out with cystic hormonal acne. I was scheduled with Angela – she is always smiling and friendly, and she always answers my questions and has helped me love my skin again. I am so thankful. She truly cares about her patients and her assistant nurse Rachel is awesome! I love seeing them both!” –Carissa E. (Yelp)

“Amazing experience!! They take the time to listen and help the best they can with any issues. Angela was very compassionate and helpful to cure my issue. Highly recommend this clinic and DR!!!” –Amy Jo R. (Yelp)

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