The Best Los Angeles Botox Prices

The Best Los Angeles Botox Prices

While eternal youth may be unrealistic, you can come pretty close with the help of a skilled professional who is trained in Botox injections. Smile lines, crow’s feet, and other undesirable wrinkles are created when muscles of the face are overused, creating indentations that add years onto our faces. Botox (botulinum toxin A) safely and temporarily paralyzes the muscles it is injected into, reducing the appearance of these fine lines, and preventing new ones from forming.


Cost of Botox in LA:


Botox is not hard to come-by in Los Angeles. You can find doctors, nurses, and medspas that offer Botox, but you may find a price difference depending on whom you see for your treatment. Generally, you can expect to pay about $12 per unit of Botox, and there is usually a minimum of purchasing 20 units per session. Of course, you can find Groupon deals offering the same treatment for less, but in our opinion, when it comes to Botox, you definitely want to look for quality versus quantity.

The 5 Best Places for Botox in Los Angeles:


JIMMY S. FIROUZ, MD, FACS – Beverly Hills


$16 per unit

Dr. Jimmy Firouz is a double board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has a MedSpa as a part of his practice. He is a member of many prestigious organizations in plastic surgery and has received several rewards for his skills and expertise. Dr. Firouz strives to create natural, youthful-looking results for his patients and he prides himself on giving his customers a five-star experience.


“I found Dr. Firouz via Yelp and have been a loyal client for almost 5 years. I wouldn’t trust just anyone to administer my Botox and he has always left me feeling great. Always natural and never overdone… I would highly recommend Dr. Firouz to anyone ready to take the plunge! He’s always super kind and takes the time to listen to me and address any concerns i may have. His whole staff is absolutely amazing and extremely professional.”– Tiffany B. (Yelp)


DANIEL BARRETT, MD – Beverly Hills

If you’re looking for… NATURAL-LOOKING RESULTS

$12 per unit

Dr. Daniel Barrett is a board certified plastic surgeon whose mission is to provide his patients with the most natural looking results possible. While other clinics may use nurses to administer Botox, Dr. Barrett administers all the injections, himself, guaranteeing the most precise and personalized treatment. He uses the smallest needle possible as well as numbing cream and ice to reduce bruising. In fact, many of Dr. Barrett’s Botox patients visit them over their lunch break because the procedure is so quick and painless!


Also, he is highly trained in using Botox and Dysport for a variety of issues: crow’s feet, bunny lines, droopy eyebrows, chin wrinkles, neck rings, etc. The options are endless!



If you’re looking for… GUARANTEED SATISFACTION

$12 per unit

If you talk to any of Tiffany’s previous clients, you will hear nothing but raving reviews about how pleased they are with the outcome of their appointments! Tiffany is described as a “Botox goddess,” as she has an eye for detail that is hard to come by. She listens to her clients and makes sure that they walk out with results that not only meet, but also exceed their expectations.


She is also famously known for her ability to create a gorgeous pout. So, while you are getting some years erased from your face, why not add a little volume, as well!


I can’t imagine ever going to anyone other than Tiffany for all of my beauty needs! She’s the sweetest person and I actually look forward to each visit with her! She takes her time to ensure that you get the exact results you’re looking for. She’s a true artist and if I could give her more than 5 stars I would. – Cristin M. (Yelp)


CIENEGA MED SPA – Santa Monica, West Hollywood

If you’re looking for… A SPA-LIKE EXPERIENCE

$280 – 20 units
$560 – 40 units
$840 – 60 units
$896 – Botox for Eyes, Eyebrows, and Forehead (64 units)
$1200 – Botox for Sweating (hands or underarms)
$1200 - 100 Units (use over several
sessions or split with a friend)

Cienega has been named LA’s #1 rated med spa, and it’s for a good reason. They have a highly trained staff of doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners to give you the professional results you are looking for. If you are interested in booking a consultation for Botox, you will meet with a nurse to discuss your goals. Same-day treatment is available if you want to proceed upon finishing your consultation. As an added bonus, they offer facials, fillers, IV therapy, and many other services. They also carry nearly every brand of injectables: Botox, Dysport, Radiesse, Belotero, Volbella, Restylane and Juvaderm, etc.

Yana Pechenik, M.P.A., PA

MyBotoxLA – Yana Pechenik, MPA, PA – Studio City

If you’re looking for... MORE THAN BOTOX

$12 per unit

MyBotoxLA is the private practice of Dr. James Kojian and Yana Pechenik, a nurse practitioner who has been highly trained in non-surgical aesthetics. They offer a wide range of injectables along with other non-surgical cosmetic procedures. In addition to your Botox, you may want to try one of their popular vampire treatments. In these treatments they use your own blood to stimulate growth of newer, healthier cells. It can be used for a non-surgical facelift, hair restoration, non-surgical breast lift, and more!


What an amazing experience! The office and all the girls that work at My Botox LA are lovely. Yana did my Botox. But rather than just inject away she actually took my facial structure and facial symmetry into account before we both decided how much she was going to injection. The result is beautifully natural. I don’t look frozen or fake. Just well rested and 10 years younger! I’ll definitely be back!!! – Deanna K (Yelp)